To procure the right technology for every growing business, here is a hassle free solution. Begins with consulting, passed through implementation and goes on with lifetime Services. ITproM brings the right knowledge, reliable partnerships and broader vision to realize software solutions.

IT Enterprise services

The Information Technology wing of ITproM caters to IT enablement of Business Processes based on best practices blending Business process and Information Technology. The following are the main IT Services domains where we have established our credentials.

IT Infrastructure Management , Data Centre Management, IT security certification (ISO 27001), IT Assets Management , IT Remote Assets Monitoring , New Project Implementation.


Project Management

Order Management process – Order to Cash process implementation or Drop ship scenario- we help map complex order management process and identify gaps and root cause of shorting of Orders, increased back orders or bottlenecks in distribution of finished product to customer and finally turnaround realization of revenue.

Demand Planning Process – Demand Management forms a critical driver for effective Supply Chain Planning process. Demand fluctuations and gaps in demand planning process results in significant overage of inventory. Forecast Accuracy and with version based forecasting to improve Advance Planning and Scheduling. We help our clients improve effectiveness of their Statistical forecasting, forecasting accuracy measurement, promotion planning process based on our extensive experience help clients in Demand Planning process.

Supply Planning Process – From Demand Fluctuations to lead times to Capacity constraints in today’s Global Supply Chains; it poses significant challenge for planners to minimize Demand Supply shorting. We help our clients with Constrain based supply planning process with numerous parameters involved in Supply Planning Process.

Safety Stock Planning Process – Even the best managed Supply Chains with a sophisticated Demand and Supply Planning processes cannot guarantee a perfect match of demand and supply. All the supply chains need to plan their safety stock effectively based on Demand Uncertainty and Replenishment Uncertainty.

Supply Execution Process – From Planning to Execution, effectiveness of the supply chains and their ability to adhere and monitor the execution benchmarked against supply chain plan is another key gap experienced by many supply chains. We help our clients to get their execution align close to the supply chain plan developed during planning process.


Lean Management & QA

Lean Manufacturing / Service Industries initiatives, Types of wastes and ways to drive an initiative towards lean thinking. Total Quality Assurance, Activity Based Costing in Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and analytics, Supply Chain Management and analytics to measure supply chain performance. Supplier Relationship Management and analytics. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for operational and strategically efficiencies. Defining HR strategies, Defining IT policies, Order Management Automation. RFID & QR Code initiatives.


Financial Services

 ITproM Financial Services can provide you cost - effective methods in the areas like :

Financial Structuring /Advisory, Fund Raising Debt /Equity, Capital Market Advisory Services, Corporate Advisory Services, Taxation, Auditing/ Accounting, Company Law advisory.


Software Development

ITproM Software Development Cell is dedicated to building high performance Software to meet the needs to today's industry.

We have hands on with many IT projects like
Digital Cinema, Digital Signage, Commercial Exchange, Ecommerce , Payment gateway integration, mobile application, Online Lottery, Gaming infrastructure name a few which based on Microsoft & Linux Technologies, SharePoint Technology, embedded system and/ or Proprietary technology of the Software Vendor with Databases like SQL Server, Oracle.

We manage our own and our client's Applications. This helps us identify process   application gaps. ITproM Development Cell caters to the building of add- on Apps to manage the gaps identified as part of our in-house Application Maintenance as well as Maintenance of our Customer's Applications.


Business Process Management

As per current business climate requires companies to develop an ongoing process of process management that helps them manage a BPM capability that provides operational transparency, agility, compliance, quality and efficiency. Such a capability should also improve external networks with market partners, and internal integration with employees.

Like any business process, the process of process management has a number of sub processes that must be mastered and integrated with each other. A reference model is a useful tool for any company beginning to define such a process. The process reference model for BPM includes five major process areas:

BPM Operations , BPM Methods and Tools , BPM Delivery , BPM Transformation , BPM Support.

We use various industry standard tools and techniques like
SIX SIGMA to implement business process management.


Business Intelligent Solution

Today's Organization depend heavily on their Business Cockpit Dashboards to control, manage, improvise and strategize based on extensive data mining and reporting capabilities.

ITproM has helped its clients design extensive business data mining and reporting systems. We have worked closely with our customers to study their Business Intelligence need to architect a BI solution fulfilling their ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) need with tools like Informatics to Data warehousing and reporting with gamut of tools like Micro strategy, Hyperion, Business Objects, Crystal Reports...

Our expert BI services division will provide you with state of art design to provide the cutting edge over competition to smart Decision Support System.